Hi there! I am Kate and I love being a celebrant! If you are looking for a classic, engaging, articulate and sincere celebrant to trust with your special day, I’d be honoured to help. I plan on getting to know you really well, so here are a few tidbits about me. I am incredibly vain about my hair and am in constant pursuit of the perfect hairstyle, product and hairdresser. I am a sucker for food fads, but my true food love is a homemade roast chicken (the secret is, no stuffing and shoving a lemon up the clacker). I love to shamelessly read trashy romance novels and watch romance reality television.

On our wedding day, I vowed to bring my wife tea in bed, to hold her umbrella in the rain and dance with her in the sunshine. Love is sweet and I am so glad that you have found it too. I can’t wait to hear the vows that you wish to make to your special one. My vows to you are….

I promise to meet with you at a mutually convenient location to design your ceremony and complete the legal paperwork.

I vow to lovingly prepare of your bespoke ceremony and supply of a copy of same.

I commit to unlimited correspondence with you via email and telephone.

I vow to officiate marriage ceremony as per your requests.

I vow to listen to you and make sure that your guests can hear me with my sensational PA system.

I will submit of your legal paperwork to the Queensland Births, Deaths and Marriages Registry no later than fourteen days after your ceremony.

Let’s get married!