Calling all Queer Folk, let’s get married anyway!

Well, that’s that then! The same-sex marriage plebiscite is dead and “thank goodness”, I say. The plebiscite could have subjected same-sex couples and their families to months public debate about the merits of marriage equality, which may have included hurtful and unnecessary vitriol and would not have resulted in marriage equality alone. So where does that leave us now? Unless there is a dramatic change in politics, it may see us waiting years before we can get married.


With this in mind, I have decided that the Queer Folk of Australia should just get married anyway. To this end, I am offering “Almost Married” Ceremonies for the LGBT community with an inexpensive upgrade available to you when we finally see marriage equality. The deal is this, you have the wedding of your dreams now, and we meet up with your two witnesses and complete a “paperwork only” marriage ceremony to get the legals finalised when the Marriage Act is ammended again. It is my ardent hope that during a time that may appear to be hopeless, waiting around for marriage equality to finally happen, we can enjoy some flipping fabulous weddings anyway. Call me today to discuss the details and book your “Almost Married” Ceremony for 2017 (see my Fees and Bookings page for the fine print).


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