I now pronounce you husband and husband. You may kiss your bride …. mwah!

Last week saw amendments to the Marriage Act of 1961 to allow same sex couples to marry, and the end of what has felt like a marathon of public debate and speculation about the merit of the lives of LGBTIQ Australians. While many of us viewed the postal survey as an expensive, divisive and unnecessary exercise in political swerving and cowardice, I have taken great heart in the result that the majority of Australians do support us and our right to marry a same sex partner. Early January 2018 will see the first legal marriages of LGBTIQ Australians, something that I’m sure many never thought would happen.Blog Gay Wedding

So, what happens at a ‘gay wedding’? How should I behave? What should I wear? Can I still give my kid away? Will one of the blokes be wearing a dress? I have been asked all of these questions and my answer is always the same, “what would happen at a straight wedding?”. I’ll let you in on the big secret about ‘gay weddings’….. they are just weddings. There will be two deliriously happy people who stand up in front of their nearest and dearest, with a totally rad and good looking celebrant, and declare themselves in love and commitment to each other for life. There might be a big party afterwards, and I hope for your sake that there are some hot drag queens who put on a show, but otherwise it will probably be just like every other wedding that you have been to. So perhaps we don’t really need to call them ‘gay weddings’ at all. They are just weddings, sometimes with a bit more glitter.

Photo credit to Angela Munns for this superb shot, and thanks to the most handsome grooms I know, Tom and Dave.


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