Equal Love


I hate that we have to call them that (unless you are hetero conscientious objectors, in which case, yay for you and thank you!) but until the tireless campaigning and advocacy of hundreds of thousands Australians results in marriage equality, here we are. Lots of us can’t wait for Australian law to catch up with our lives because we need to declare our love and commitment to our beloved and community now. So let’s get you married-ish, or as I like to call it, “Almost Married”.

In the spirit of hope, I am offering “Almost Married” ceremonies as an interim measure until the Marriage Act is amended again. Get “Almost Married” (a Commitment Ceremony) with me now and I will upgrade you to a legal marriage when marriage equality in Australia is a reality. (This means you pay for an “Almost Married” Ceremony now and pay the extra $200 when the legislation changes and we do a ‘paperwork only’ ceremony with you and your two witnesses).

Alternatively, you may wish to enter into a Civil Partnership, please drop me a line if this is the case and we can chat.


  • Meeting with you at a mutually convenient location to discuss and plan your ceremony
  • Preparation of your bespoke ceremony
  • Unlimited correspondence with you via email and telephone
  • Deliver your ceremony as per your requests

Along with the majority of Australians, I support marriage equality. It is only right that all Australians should have the fundamental human right to legitimise their commitment to their beloved  in a conventional way should they choose to. I am a keen marriage equality advocate and have worked in my community for years to this end, check out http://www.australianmarriageequality.org/ to learn more.